Glitter and Hope StoryBundle

The Glitter and Hope Bundle, curated by Cat Rambo, is available from StoryBundle. It’s a pay-what-you-want/can model, starting at $5, and you’ll receive DRM-free ebooks.

Collage of the covers of the books available in the Glitter and Hope Bundle

I originally conceived of it as a hopepunk centered bundle, but as I sorted through possibilities, I found less punk than plenty of hopeful stories that reminded me that hope comes in all sorts of forms, not all of them as in your face as hopepunk…So this is a bundle centered on hope with a touch of glitter, rather than grit, and I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I did. It’s a range of flavors as well as forms: novels, including some beginnings; connected short stories; sequential novellas; and an anthology of stories connected by theme.

Cat Rambo

The anthology mentioned is Community of Magic Pens; I’m proud to be a part of it, and it’s one of the bonus books you unlock at $15. The rest of the bundle features titles by E.D.E. Bell, Rebecca Diem, Seb Doubinsky, Jason A. Holt, Alanna McFall, Susan Kaye Quinn, Cat Rambo, Joan Marie Verba, and M. Darusha Wehm. It’s on sale for the next two weeks.

So if you find yourself in need of a little hope nestled in your reading-device-of-choice, this may be a good use of a few bucks.





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