A subset of writers eligible for the Astounding Award

The Astounding Award for Best New Writer is sponsored by Dell, administered by the World Science Fiction Convention, and nominated and voted on by Attending and Supporting members of Worldcon. It recognizes the best new writer on the speculative fiction scene.

The definition of a “new writer” is a little arcane. Eligibility begins with the first professional publication and lasts for two years, but the definition of “professional” depends on payment and may not be immediately obvious to readers. (This means an author with a Big Five debut novel may no longer be eligible because of previous short story publications; or an author with years of indie novels may become eligible as a “new” writer with a sufficiently successful entry in the series.) So it’s very useful to have lists—or authors saying “hey, I’m eligible!”

The Astounding Award site was my starting point (shoutout to Bill Katz and David Walton), supplemented by the crowdsourced Hugo recommendation list maintained by Lady Business (shoutout to Anna, Ira, Jodie, KJ, Renay, and Susan) and information knocking around in my own skull. I’ve listed Twitter handle and website where available, falling back to some other link of use.

Second (Final) Year of Eligibility

Eisuke Aikawa: note.com/aikawa_eisuke999/n/nc32329b768fa
G. D. Angier: @genangier
Gautam Bhatia: @gautambhatia88 | goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/21942563-2
Grace Chan: @gracechanwrites | gracechanwrites.com
Ashley Deng: @ashesandmochi | ashedeng.carrd.co
Tracy Deonn: @tracydeonn | tracydeonn.com
Filip Hajdar Drnovšek Zorko: @filiphdz | filiphdz.com
Illimani Ferreira: @IFSciFi | ifscifi.com
Mika Grimmer: @mikagrimmer | mikagrimmer.com
Amit Gupta: @superamit | amitgupta.com
Essa Hansen: @EssaHansen | essahansen.com
A. P. Howell: @APHowell | aphowell.com
Sid Jain: @Sid__j | sidjain.info
Keishi Kajifune: twitter.com/Kshi_kaji/status/1329409940255961089
J. R. H. Lawless: @spacelawyersf | lawlessauthor.com
Malena Salazar Maciá: malenabibliografia.blogspot.com
Elaine Vilar Madruga: facebook.com/elainevilarmadruga.oficialpage
Nick Martell: nickmartell.com
M. V. Mercer: melmelcer.net
Lawrence Miller: twitter.com/ldpm/status/1331324040208928770
Leah Ning: @LeahNing | leahning.com
John Possidente: johnpossidente.com
Lauren Ring: @ringwrites | laurenmring.com
R. P. Sand: @RadhaPyari | radhapyarisandhir.com
A. T. Sayre: @AtSayre | atsayre.com/fiction
Sameem Siddiqui: @s_meems | sameemwrites.com
Jonathan Sims: @jonnywaistcoat | jonathan-sims.com
Kristina Ten: @kristina_ten | kristinaten.com
Allison Thai: @thaisibir | allisonthai.wordpress.com
Aiden Thomas: @aidenschmaiden | aiden-thomas.com
Ziyin Xiong: doi.org/10.1038/d41586-020-01664-3

First Year of Eligibility

Shreya Ila Anasuya: shreyailaanasuya.com
Betsy Aoki: @baoki | betsyaoki.com
Warren Benedetto: @warrenbenedetto | warrenbenedetto.com
Charles Q. Choi: @cqchoi | cqchoi.com
Kel Coleman: @kcolemanwrites | kelcoleman.com
Kate Francia: @outoftheatlas | katefrancia.com
Harry Josephine Giles: @HJosephineGiles | harryjosephine.com
A. L. Goldfuss: @alicegoldfuss | blog.alicegoldfuss.com
David Goodman: @WordsByGoodman | davidgoodman.net
Alyson Grauer: @dreamstobecome | dreamstobecome.com
Thomas Ha: @ThomasHaWrites | thomashawrites.com
Isabel J. Kim: @isabeljkim | isabel.kim
Jessica Lévai: @AuthorLevai | jessicalevai.com
Nic Lipitz: niclipitz.wordpress.com
C. E. McGill: @C_E_McGill | cemcgill.com
Lindz McLeod: @lindzmcleod | lindzmcleod.co.uk
Reed Mingault: @MilvusScribe | reedmingault.wordpress.com
Shelley Parker-Chan: @shelleypchan | shelleyparkerchan.com
Kiran Kaur Saini: kirankaursaini.com
Neil Sharpson: unshavedmouse.com
Eric Silberstein: ericsilberstein.com
Aparna Verma: @Spirited_Gal | theaparnaverma.com
Eris Young: @Young_E_H | apiomancy.wordpress.com
Xiran Jay Zhao: @xiranjayzhao | xiranjayzhao.com

These aren’t the only eligible authors, but checking out their work is worth any reader’s time. Members of Discon III and Chicon 8 (aka Worldcons 79 and 80) have until March 15 to nominate. Members of Chengdu (aka Worldcon 81) should pay particular attention to the first year authors, who’ll still be eligible in 2023.





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