2023 Astounding-eligible authors: roundup #1

These authors are in their first year of eligibility for the Astounding, meaning that their qualifying work was published in 2022. They’ll be eligible for the ballots at Chendgu Worldcon and Glasgow 2024.

Check the original post for a full(er) list of eligible authors, and the #astounding2023 tag for more of these spotlight posts. Short fiction tends to get less attention than debut novels (not that debut novels tend to get the promotion they deserve…) so I want to give an extra shout out to the short stuff.

Megan Beadle is a Canadian author whose novelette “Dancing Little Marionettes” was the cover story for the March/April 2022 issue of F&SF. (How cool is it for your debut pro publication to be the cover story for one of the genre’s big magazines? Answer: really cool!)

Nadine Aurora Tabing is a Filipino-American UX designer with an obscenely adorable Shiba Inu. She won Solarpunk Magazine‘s microfiction contest with “Balikbayan.” “Obsolesce” appeared in Strange Horizons in 2022 and “The Bright in the Gyre” is in Reckoning 7.

Kanishk Tantia is an Indian immigrant to the U.S. who donates the proceeds of his writing sales to nonprofits (Doctors Without Borders, GLAAD, and UNICEF). Those 2022 sales include “Low-Calorie Chocolate Chip Cookies” (Deathcap & Hemlock), “CTRL-H” (Fairfield Scribes) and “The Moonlight Muse” (Solarpunk Magazine).

David Lee Zweifler, a globetrotting reporter and marketer, published flash fiction in 2021, but his first pro sale was 2022’s “The Inevitablist” (Little Blue Marble). Other 2022 stories include “Early Riser” (Freeze Frame Fiction), “Do You Know Why We Stopped You?” (The Dread Machine), and “Getting Better” (The Dread Machine). He has stories forthcoming in anthologies and Analog.


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