2023 Astounding-eligible authors: roundup #4

These authors are in their second year of eligibility for the Astounding, meaning that their qualifying work was published in 2021. Their eligibility clocks run out after the Chendgu Worldcon ballot.

Check the original post for a full(er) list of eligible authors, and the #astounding2023 tag for more of these spotlight posts. I’m focusing on authors who qualified with short fiction. Debut novels generally get more attention (though I certainly won’t say enough!) and so I want to shout about the short stuff.

Shreya Ila Anasuya hails from Calcutta and currently resides in London pursuing her PhD. Short pieces include “An Array of Worlds as a Rose Unfurling in Time” (Strange Horizons), “Mother, Mother” (F&SF), and the forthcoming “Playing Macbeth at the Electra Theatre on Beadon Street” (Infinite Constellations).

Betsy Aoki is a tech author and poet whose work has appeared in Uncanny and Strange Horizons. For Astounding purposes, check out the story “On a Branch Floating Down the River, a Wren Is Singing” (Uncanny).

Warren Benedetto is a prolific author of short fiction, with multiple appearances in places like Haven Spec (“The Man Who Ate the Road”), ParSec (“From Below”), The Dread Machine (most recently “A Piece of the Sky”), Dark Matter Magazine (most recently an audio version of “Set for Life”), The NoSleep Podcast (most recently “Scrapple”), and anthologies from Black Hare Press and Shacklebound Books. He has a lot of stories up on his website; I recommend spending some time clicking around.

Charles Q. Choi is a science journalist whose science fiction debut was the novelette “By the Will of the Gods” in Analog.

Kel Coleman‘s published short fiction includes “Delete Your First Memory for Free” (FIYAH), “A Study of Sage” (Diabolical Plots), “Cirque Mécanique” (Anathema), “I Wear My Spiders in Remembrance of Myself” (Apparition Lit), and “Early Evening Soul” (Speculative City). Coleman started strong right out of the gate: “Delete Your First Memory for Free” was an Ignyte nominee, performed on Escape Pod, and reprinted in The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2022.

Kate Francia is an editor as well as a writer, and her short fiction includes “Eating for Two” (Electric Lit), “Souls” (Fireside), “A Bird in the Window” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies), and microfiction for Apex.

A. L. Goldfuss is an infrastructure geek and speaker. Following a 2021 story in Fantasy (“The Woman with No Face”), xe ran the Adamant Press gamut with stories in Nightmare (“Fenworth City Municipal Watersheds Field Survey”) and Lightspeed (“Between the Stones and Stars”).

David Goodman lives in Scotland, founded the Edinburgh Genre Writers workshop, and published “Vegvísir” and “Carapace” in Clarkesworld.

Alyson Grauer is an actor, cosplayer, and vocalizer of stuff. She’s written a novel and a number of short pieces, including “Lavender, Juniper, Gunpowder, Smoke” (Apparition Lit), “Their Eyes Like Stars, Their Horns Aloft” (Untethered), and “Porch Light for the Lonely” (Cast of Wonders).

Thomas Ha has published a number of short stories and novelettes in the past couple of years, including “To People Who’d Never Known Good” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies), “Sweetbaby” (Clarkesworld), “Where You Left Me” (Lightspeed), and “Our Quiet Guests” (Three-Lobed Burning Eye). “Where the Old Neighbors Go” (Metaphorosis) was reprinted in Paula Guran’s Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror: Vol. 2.


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