Nebula Conference scholarships

Writers of speculative fiction take note: SFWA is offering a load of scholarships to the online 2023 Nebula Conference. There are 125 scholarships available for writers who are Black and/or Indigenous, AAPI, Hispanic/Latinx, LGBTQIA+, or located outside of the United States.

The scholarships don’t get you in the door for the in-person event in Anaheim, but it does provide access to the online conference, including events throughout the year. (I logged on for the online conference last year and found it worthwhile, and if I had my act together I’d regularly check out more of the ongoing virtual programming. I’m personally planning to do the online conference again this year: California is a bit of a logistical barrier and an in-person conference would blow an awful lot of Covid risk budget.)

Applications are being accepted until April 21. If you’re a writer who belongs to any of the demographics above, why not give it a go?

Apply here.






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