#Bookmail from The Dread Machine

My contributor copies of Darkness Blooms arrived last week. They look pretty darn great.

I love ebooks and have been reading more in that format than I used to, which I attribute in part to failures of my body. (I find myself cranking font size to compensate for myopia. And there are times when I just don’t want to hold a book when horizontal in bed. Ken Liu’s The Veiled Throne, a hardcover of around a thousand pages, was the one that really convinced me to give my wrists a break.) And the ebook version of Darkness Blooms is pretty.

But there’s also something undeniably satisfying about sliding a book onto the ego shelf. (Yes, there is a physical ego shelf in my house. Short fiction fills it more quickly than if I concentrated on novels.) And there is something undeniably satisfying about sharing pages (paper or electronic) with fantastic authors.

If you’re in the mood for dark science fiction, go forth and get your hands on a copy from the publisher (still as of this date offering preorder pricing) or your favored bookseller.





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