Bicycles & Broomsticks

Bicycles & Broomsticks: Fantastical Feminist Stories about Witches on Bikes, edited by Elly Blue, Elly Blue Publishing, January 2023

Feminist bicycle sci fi / fantasy, with witches.

A coven races—literally—to fight off the magic smog that threatens their city. A janitor at the last rocket launch site on a dying planet sends the rocket up with a special spell of comfort. Instead of casting the resiliency spell she asked for, a girl’s grandmother teaches her to ride a bike. A midwife’s bicycle is stolen, resulting in a fitting comeuppance. An urban witch falls for a bicycle mechanic and learns to reconcile her double life. Enjoy these and more science fiction and fantasy stories in the pages of the supernatural 9th volume of the popular Bikes in Space series. 

Featuring work by Hester Dade, M. Lopes da Silva, Monique Cuillerier, A. P. Howell, Ether Nepenthes, M. A. Blanchard, Kathleen Jowitt, G. J. Craddock, Gretchin Lair, and Emily Uduwana. Cover art by Gerta O. Egy.

Paperback (ISBN 9781648411304)
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Ebook (ISBN 9781648411311)
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Cover of Bicycles & Broomsticks

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