Dread Space

Dread Space, edited by Eric Fomley, Shacklebound Books, June 2022. Includes my story “Used Armor Smell.”

Dread Space is an anthology of dark military science fiction stories. Within these pages are soldiers doing their best to stay alive against otherworldly odds and unimaginable terrors. Twenty-three dark flash fiction stories from Wendy Nikel, Robert Dawson, Liam Hogan, A. P. Howell, Jonathan Ficke & many others!

Featuring work by Brett Anningson, Matt Bliss, Grant Butler, Robert Dawson, Kai Delmas, Rachel Dempsey, T. Fox Dunham, Jonathan Ficke, Liam Hogan, A. P. Howell, Ryan Klopp, Colton Long, Dennis Mombauer, Kurt Newton, Wendy Nikel, Heather Santo, Joe Scipione, Lisa Short, Dorian J. Sinnott, Andrew Swearingen, Zachary Whalen, Markus Wessel, and JM Williams.


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Cover of Dread Space

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