Holiday Leftovers

Holiday Leftovers, edited by Alicia Hilton and Bob Brown, published by B Cubed Press, December 2022. Cover design by K. G. Anderson. Includes my story “Honey and Apples.” A portion of the book’s profits are donated to the ACLU.

We’d put out a nice book:
Alternative Holidays.
It had a fancy cover. The stories a perfect fit.
So I was sitting there. Basking in success.
And a story skitters across the floor.
And then another, and another…
And then, a slight sobbing sound.
Then there came a most tremulous voice.
“We want a book cover too.”
I reached down and picked up one of the stories. It settled in and started to purr.
Then I picked up another, and another.
They were so good.
It was like the Island of Misfit Toys.
Perfectly good stories that just had trouble fitting in.
So I gave them a cover, nothing fancy.
And now, they just need a Reader to appreciate them.
YOU, can be that Reader.

Featuring stories by K.G. Anderson, Robert Bagnall, Jason P. Burnham, Gregg Chamberlain, Scott J. Couturier, Emily Dorffer, Ann Gibson, Debra Godfrey, Maxwell I. Gold, KC Grifant, Jenna Hanchey, Michael H. Hanson, Elle Hartford, Alicia Hilton, A. P. Howell, Marissa James, Tim Kane, Benjamin C. Kinney, Amanda Cecelia Lang, Wayne Lee, Gerri Leen, Eric Lewis, Brianna Malotke, Kurt Newton, Marisca Pichette, Phyllis Irene Radford, Stephen Schwei, Kim Sheard, Zach Shephard, David F. Shultz, David Sklar, Alex J. Smith, Emily Martha Sorensen, Darren Todd, Salinda Tyson, Michael Wertenberg, Lynn White, and John Wolf.

Paperback (ISBN 978-1949476354):


Cover art for Holiday Leftovers

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