In Somnio: A Collection of Modern Gothic Horror

In Somnio: A Collection of Modern Gothic Horror, edited by Alex Woodroe, published November 2021 by Tenebrous Press. Cover art by Sally Cantirino. Includes my story “Always an After.”

Twenty-five women and non-binary writers from the worlds of Horror Fiction and Illustration drag the blackened heart of Classic Gothic Horror out into the open, sculpting a sleeker, fiercer beast and recasting the legacy of our original Gothmothers in a chilling contemporary light.

Within the walls of an arcane modern art gallery…into the blackest burrows of the animal kingdom…tableside at the world’s last restaurant on the eve of the apocalypse…from the deep American South to the depths of a hostile sea, a cornucopia of nightmares awaits.

In Somnio features eighteen vibrant, unique stories; each brings a new perspective to our inherent love of Gothic Horror and what those vital elements of terror still have to tell us today.

Featuring stories by Harklin Ashe, Barbara Barnett, Lauren Bolger, J. A. Bryson, Elou Carroll, Lin Darrow, A. P. Howell, Julie Hutchings, Jessica Lévai, M. Lopes da Silva, Briana Una McGuckin, Aster S. Monroe, Victoria Nations, Taylor Jordan Pitts, Mary Rajotte, Rachel Unger, Helen Whistberry, and S. E. Zeller. Interior illustrations by Daniella Batsheva, Marisa Bruno, Echo Echo, Claire L. Smith, and Tammsle.

In Somnio cover

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