Martian: Year One

Martian: Year One, edited by Eric Fomley, published by Shacklebound Books, April 2022. Includes my stories “Honey and Apples” and “Tethered, In Darkness.”

Martian is a magazine of science fiction drabbles, stories told in exactly 100 words. This is the complete first year of Martian, containing all four of our first issues. This anthology features stories from Rich Larson, D.A. Xiaolin Spires, Lora Gray, Lettie Prell, Steve Rasnic Tem, Holly Schofield, Wendy Nikel, Liam Hogan, and many other writers from around the globe.

Authors include Phoenix Alexander, S.R. Aziz, Robert Bagnall, Steward C. Baker, Michael Balletti, Gracie Beaver-Kairis, Jason P. Burnham, Brandon Case, Paul Edward Costa, Marc A. Criley, Robert Dawson, Kai Delmas, Jonathan Ficke, Peter J. Foote, Eric Fritz, P.G. Galalis, Conrad Gardner, Beth Goder, Lora Gray, Elliott Gresswell, Thomas J. Griffin, Jon Hansen, Jenna Hanchey, Maria Haskins, Joachim Heijndermans, Sylvia Heike, Larry Hodges, Liam Hogan, A. P. Howell, C.H. Hung, Carolin Jansen, Hastings Kidd, Lena Alison Knight, Matt Krizan, Rich Larson, Zack Lux, Lyndsie Manusos, Alison McBain, Angus McIntyre, Melissa Mead, Jen Mierisch, L. P. Melling, Wendy Nikel, Gregory L. Norris, Uchechukwu Nwaka, Kurt Pankau, Lettie Prell, Holly Schofield, D.A. Xiaolin Spires, Hayley Stone, Frances Tate, Steve Rasnic Tem, James Van Pelt, Dawn Vogel, Erin K. Wagner, Hannah Whiteoak, Nemma Wollengang, Steve Zisson, and Lee Clark Zumpe.

Cover of Martian Year One

Hardcover (ISBN 979-8442930276)

Trade paperback (ISBN ‎ 979-8420385210)


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