The Chorochronos Archives

The Chorochronos Archives, edited by Jessica Augustsson, published April 2021 by JayHenge Publishing. Cover art by Little Hippie Mama. Includes my story “Now and Then and Back Again: A Play of Three Acts.”

Time travel. The desire to achieve this stems from the human need to KNOW. What really happened that day? What will happen in the future? How can we put a stop to that bad thing, or achieve this good thing? How will we react if something goes wrong with our attempts to do any of this? How do we get there in the first place? Within these covers, you’ll find a whole host of stories investigating these questions and more!

Featuring stories by Mike Adamson, Jessica Augustsson, Michael Baez Arroyo, Stewart C. Baker, Robert Bagnall, James Blakey, Sandra Bond, Gustavo Bondoni, Maureen Bowden, Evan A. Davis, Becca Edney, Louis Evans, Arlen Feldman, Bill Hackenberger, Geoff Hart, Liam Hogan, A. P. Howell, Susanne Hülsmann, Stella B. James, Gareth D. Jones, R.C. Kjellstrand, Nathaniel Lee, Martin Lochman, Matt McHugh, Christopher R. Muscato, Wendy Nikel, Annie Percik, David Rogers, James Rumpel, Robert Runté, Matthew Spence, Dale Stromberg, Lisa Timpf, Paulene Turner, Dawn Vogel, and David Wright.

Hardcover (ISBN 979-8735796442)

Trade paperback (ISBN 979-8733586472)
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Cover of The Chorochronos Archives

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