Martian: Year One

Martian: Year One is an anthology collecting all the drabbles from Martian Magazine‘s first year. I’m pleased that two of my stories—“Honey and Apples” and “Tethered, In Darkness”—are included.

Cover spread for the print edition of Martian: Year One

Buying the anthology is a great way to support the magazine, so if you like very short stories (and a robust short fiction market), please consider picking up a copy.

Available today: Martian Issue 4

Not a joke! The fourth issue of Martian: A Magazine of Science Fiction Drabbles is available from Amazon. This is the first chronological appearance of my 100 word story “Tethered, In Darkness,” which will also be in the annual anthology and on the Martian website in May.

Cover of Martian Issue 4

I’m a big fan of the cover images chosen by editor Eric Fomley—to say nothing of the stories within. It makes for a very slick package I’m pleased to join.

Underland Arcana: Deck One

This reprint anthology was a December release, but it’s still worth crowing about. The book collects all the stories published in the first year of Underland Arcana. My contributions—the short story “Wayfinding” and the flash “Family Dinner”—are in excellent company.

Book opened to "Wayfinding" and the Three of Wands from the Murder of Crows Tarot
Three of Wands, Murder of Crows Tarot, Corrado Roi and Charles Harrington
Book opened to "Family Dinner" with the Five of Cups from the Tarot of the Divine
Five of Cups, Tarot of the Divine, Yoshi Yoshitani

Tarot cards were included with the contributors’ copies, as a special treat. Mark Teppo is having fun with Underland’s Tarot-themed publications, and I’m glad I came along for the ride.

The anthology is available as a trade paperback or ebook (or as a paperback/ebook bundle if you order from the publisher) and can be found at the usual vendors.

Deck One cover

“Ruminants” in Los Suelos, CA

Surface Dweller Studios just released the multimedia anthology Los Suelos, CA. My story “Ruminants” is part of the line up. It’s about a weird goat in a weirder town.

I’m stoked about this project for a few reasons. My story’s a personal first: it was pitched (rather than written and then submitted) and it’s a work-for-hire in a shared world. This is the most literal appearance of an archival artifact I’ve actually worked with (albeit as a throw-away line). It’s also one in a string of Good Editorial Experiences (thanks go to Barton Aikman).

The sprawling TOC is impressive, but I love that the project is (much) more than prose. There’s artwork; the debut album of the Fluppies, a nonexistent punk band; and a game that lets you explore the town. It’s a cool, weird creation and I’m very pleased to be part of it.

The project supports an excellent cause: the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation. The organization provides legal aid and advocacy for farmworkers, undocumented and mixed-status families, and other marginalized communities in California. If you are so inclined, you can donate via the Los Suelos site. The Fluppies would approve. So would the goat. (I guess? Maybe? I dunno, it’s a goat, but it doesn’t seem like the sort of goat who approves of exploitation.)

A subset of writers eligible for the Astounding Award

The Astounding Award for Best New Writer is sponsored by Dell, administered by the World Science Fiction Convention, and nominated and voted on by Attending and Supporting members of Worldcon. It recognizes the best new writer on the speculative fiction scene.

The definition of a “new writer” is a little arcane. Eligibility begins with the first professional publication and lasts for two years, but the definition of “professional” depends on payment and may not be immediately obvious to readers. (This means an author with a Big Five debut novel may no longer be eligible because of previous short story publications; or an author with years of indie novels may become eligible as a “new” writer with a sufficiently successful entry in the series.) So it’s very useful to have lists—or authors saying “hey, I’m eligible!”

The Astounding Award site was my starting point (shoutout to Bill Katz and David Walton), supplemented by the crowdsourced Hugo recommendation list maintained by Lady Business (shoutout to Anna, Ira, Jodie, KJ, Renay, and Susan) and information knocking around in my own skull. I’ve listed Twitter handle and website where available, falling back to some other link of use.

Second (Final) Year of Eligibility

Eisuke Aikawa:
G. D. Angier: @genangier
Gautam Bhatia: @gautambhatia88 |
Grace Chan: @gracechanwrites |
Ashley Deng: @ashesandmochi |
Tracy Deonn: @tracydeonn |
Filip Hajdar Drnovšek Zorko: @filiphdz |
Illimani Ferreira: @IFSciFi |
Mika Grimmer: @mikagrimmer |
Amit Gupta: @superamit |
Essa Hansen: @EssaHansen |
A. P. Howell: @APHowell |
Sid Jain: @Sid__j |
Keishi Kajifune:
J. R. H. Lawless: @spacelawyersf |
Malena Salazar Maciá:
Elaine Vilar Madruga:
Nick Martell:
M. V. Mercer:
Lawrence Miller:
Leah Ning: @LeahNing |
John Possidente:
Lauren Ring: @ringwrites |
R. P. Sand: @RadhaPyari |
A. T. Sayre: @AtSayre |
Sameem Siddiqui: @s_meems |
Jonathan Sims: @jonnywaistcoat |
Kristina Ten: @kristina_ten |
Allison Thai: @thaisibir |
Aiden Thomas: @aidenschmaiden |
Ziyin Xiong:

First Year of Eligibility

Shreya Ila Anasuya:
Betsy Aoki: @baoki |
Warren Benedetto: @warrenbenedetto |
Charles Q. Choi: @cqchoi |
Kel Coleman: @kcolemanwrites |
Kate Francia: @outoftheatlas |
Harry Josephine Giles: @HJosephineGiles |
A. L. Goldfuss: @alicegoldfuss |
David Goodman: @WordsByGoodman |
Alyson Grauer: @dreamstobecome |
Thomas Ha: @ThomasHaWrites |
Isabel J. Kim: @isabeljkim |
Jessica Lévai: @AuthorLevai |
Nic Lipitz:
C. E. McGill: @C_E_McGill |
Lindz McLeod: @lindzmcleod |
Reed Mingault: @MilvusScribe |
Shelley Parker-Chan: @shelleypchan |
Kiran Kaur Saini:
Neil Sharpson:
Eric Silberstein:
Aparna Verma: @Spirited_Gal |
Eris Young: @Young_E_H |
Xiran Jay Zhao: @xiranjayzhao |

These aren’t the only eligible authors, but checking out their work is worth any reader’s time. Members of Discon III and Chicon 8 (aka Worldcons 79 and 80) have until March 15 to nominate. Members of Chengdu (aka Worldcon 81) should pay particular attention to the first year authors, who’ll still be eligible in 2023.

Preorder Martian Issue 4

I’m going to have a story in the fourth issue of Martian: The Magazine of Science Fiction Drabbles. (It’s called “Tethered, In Darkness” and it’s about a generation ship.) If you read your ebooks on a Kindle and enjoy them popping up on release day, like a present from Past You, consider preordering from Amazon.

Cover of Martian Issue 4

You can also, of course, order other issues of the magazine (#2 is at Smashwords, because KDP is not always cooperative). Especially if you like to consume drabbles like popcorn: delicious bites in a big bowl of more delicious bites.

“In Transit, Beautiful” in The Antihumanist

My space junk story “In Transit, Beautiful” appears in the Third Edition of The Antihumanist. I was charmed a number of years ago when I learned about space archaeology as a field—I’d never thought of space junk in those terms, but obviously it makes sense to do so—and this vignette looks at that built environment decaying as part of nature.

The Antihumanist 3rd Edition cover art
Cover art by Zuzanna

Award eligibility post

It’s that time of year again. Like so many other authors, I’d like to present a rundown of work that came out in 2021. If you are nominating for the Hugo, Astounding, Nebula, Stoker, Locus, or any of the other awards out there, I’d appreciate your consideration. For purposes of awards restricted by geography, national citizenship, etc., I’m in the United States, specifically Pennsylvania.

Astounding Award: I’m in my second (and final) year of eligibility for this Not-A-Hugo award for new writers. Like the Hugos, it’s voted on by members of Worldcons 79, 80, and 81 (aka DisCon II, Chicon 8, and a con/location to be decided in December). My eligibility clock started in 2020 with my first short story publication at professional rates. (Eligibility requirements can be a bit hard to determine from the outside, as they involve factors like pay rates, print runs, net income, etc. The Astounding Award website lists some of the eligible authors.)

“Always an After” (approx. 3,250 words) appears in In Somnio: A Collection of Modern Gothic Horror, edited by Alex Woodroe and published by Tenebrous Press. The anthology is available as an ebook or paperback from Amazon, Godless, and Tenebrous. (You can also watch me read the opening of the story in this video.)

“Now and Then and Back Again: A Play of Three Acts” (approx. 2,200 words) appears in The Chorochronos Archives, edited by Jessica Augustsson and published by JayHenge Publishing. The anthology is available as an ebook, paperback, or hardcover from Amazon, Bookshop, and other retailers.

“Wayfinding” (approx. 1,800 words) appears in Underland Arcana 4 (Fall 2021), edited by Mark Teppo, and is free to read online.

“Family Dinner” (approx. 200 words) appears in Underland Arcana 3 (Summer 2021), edited by Mark Teppo, and is free to read online.

“Honey and Apples” (100 words) appears in Martian: The Magazine of Science Fiction Drabbles, edited by Eric Fomley, and is free to read online.

Audio: I also had two stories included in podcasts. “Coffin Bell” was part of The NoSleep Podcast‘s Suddenly Shocking Vol. 13, available to season pass holders. CB Droege’s reading of “Kill Switch” for Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction Podcast is available for free online. (Note that while the audio performances are new, the text of both stories was previously published. “Coffin Bell” was published in 2019 on the Patreon site I scrapped. “Kill Switch” originally appeared in Daily Science Fiction in 2020.)

And that was my 2021 output. Whether you end up liking my stuff or preferring other folks’ work, I wish you happy reading and nominating!

Release day for In Somnio

Okay, it’s been a bit of a staged release. I know some folks have already received physical copies and ebooks were available last week, but now the anthology is available for everyone in every format. The publisher, Tenebrous Press, has trade paperbacks; Godless and Amazon have ebooks. If you’re in the mood for Gothic feels, check it out, and I hope you enjoy my story “Always an After.”

In Somnio cover
Cover art by Sally Contirino