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  • Fediverse RSS

    Fediverse RSS

    If you want to follow this blog’s feed on Mastodon or elsewhere in the fediverse, there’s a bot for that. Search for or go to Many thanks to Colin Mitchell for the bot work!

  • Pardon the pixel dust

    Pardon the pixel dust

    I decided that I wanted to revamp my website. As always, there is a part of me that thinks “can’t I just hand code this into a table?” (The answer, of course, is “yes,” technically; but it is also 2023, so no.) So instead of doing all of the things I should be doing, I…

  • Another quick note on social media, specifically Twitter

    Another quick note on social media, specifically Twitter

    In the past month, I’ve basically stopped using my Twitter account (@APHowell). Without rehashing social media drama, capitalism, and right wing actors, suffice to say that I have developed a severe aversion to participating in what Twitter has become. (This should by no means be seen as a full-throated endorsement of what it was, or…

  • A quick note on social media

    A quick note on social media

    So…things are not looking that great for Twitter. It’s always been a fraught space, but the prospective sale to Elon Musk raised concerns about it getting worse in certain ways, and now it looks like mismanagement may crash the platform. I’m planning to keep my account active and expect to keep using it until the…

  • Raison d’être

    Raison d’être

    I have a pile of WIPs that I’m actually going to submit at some point. I chose this year, when I have taken a science fictionally significant number of spins around the sun, as the year to start sending them out. In the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions, I also spun up this site and…

  • Post the first

    Post the first

    I am not currently planning on long form blogging, nor do I expect much of anyone to stumble across this site for a while. (And, frankly, my eventual traffic expectations are rather modest.) But it seems a shame to let a new site languish entirely, so here at least is a day one post.

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