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  • Nebula Conference

    Nebula Conference

    The Nebula Conference starts today. I’ll be attending virtually, probably intermittently, because (gestures vaguely at life). I’m not paneling because a) why would that make any sense and b) see aforementioned vague gestures. I am, however, part of the Short Fiction Committee, and will be one of the people at the (virtual) tabling session on…

  • Nebula Conference scholarships

    Nebula Conference scholarships

    Writers of speculative fiction take note: SFWA is offering a load of scholarships to the online 2023 Nebula Conference. There are 125 scholarships available for writers who are Black and/or Indigenous, AAPI, Hispanic/Latinx, LGBTQIA+, or located outside of the United States. The scholarships don’t get you in the door for the in-person event in Anaheim,…

  • r/Fantasy’s Virtual Con

    r/Fantasy’s Virtual Con

    Reddit’s r/Fantasy is hosting Virtual Con events, and despite having given the site many side-eyes in the past I’m going to pop in on Thursday, March 26. Atthis Arts will be doing an AMA, and I’ll be there in my capacity as a contributor to Community of Magic Pens and out of curiosity to hear…

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