Thoughts on witches and bikes and life in general

Elly Blue, the motivating force behind Bikes in Space and editor of most of the volumes, is interviewing contributors to Bicycles & Broomsticks. Those interested in authors’ thoughts on creative endeavors, the meaning of witchcraft, and significant bicycle memories should head on over to the Kickstarter page. My interview went live on Wednesday.

Cover of Bicycles & Broomsticks

“For all that I considered my parents overprotective at the time (and in some ways do even in retrospect), I did have the sort of childhood where I could disappear outside for hours and then come home. Summer was all about bike rides. I couldn’t get to what I considered a destination, but I could ride up and down the street. Sometimes, I would ride with my sister and other neighborhood kids, but many of my memories are from solitary jaunts.”