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  • Adjacent to greatness

    Adjacent to greatness

    The British Science Fiction Association announced the shortlist this year’s awards. Two of the nominees come courtesy of ParSec Issue 4. Neil Williamson is nominated in the Short Fiction category for the surveillance society story “Moment of Zugzwang” and Vincent Sammy’s cover is nominated in the Artwork category.

  • SFWA membership upgrade

    SFWA membership upgrade

    I upgraded to a Full SFWA membership at the beginning of January. Finally. “Finally” because I’ve been eligible but under-documented for a while, under the current rules. And also because, even after I decided to just restrict myself to recent publications, I had a whole set of files sitting unsent on my hard drive since…October,…

  • The Brave New Weird shortlist

    The Brave New Weird shortlist

    The awesome folks at Tenebrous Press are kicking off a new award anthology showcasing new weird horror. (What is “new weird horror”? Matt and Alex call it “a Horror subgenre focused on progress, creatively capturing themes and questions that bleed into fiction straight from the modern reader’s life and future. It acts as a challenge…

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