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  • A nice evening perusing a manuscript

    A nice evening perusing a manuscript

    I have had a generally lousy day, at the end of an increasingly lousy week. But I ended up finding a bit of a bright spot doing a bit of copyediting. The anthology Darkness Blooms is in the final stages of production. (It was originally slated for last fall, then delayed due to a number […]

  • Good riddance, 2022

    Good riddance, 2022

    This year was A Lot. I know that’s the case for many people, and many of those had it worse than my household. But like the earlier pandemic years, it felt like we were in survival mode (with extra bonus gaslighting). COVID hit in the beginning of the year; I’m still feeling the effects, which […]

  • “In Transit, Beautiful” in The Antihumanist

    “In Transit, Beautiful” in The Antihumanist

    My space junk story “In Transit, Beautiful” appears in the Third Edition of The Antihumanist. I was charmed a number of years ago when I learned about space archaeology as a field—I’d never thought of space junk in those terms, but obviously it makes sense to do so—and this vignette looks at that built environment […]

  • Award eligibility post

    Award eligibility post

    It’s that time of year again. Like so many other authors, I’d like to present a rundown of work that came out in 2021. If you are nominating for the Hugo, Astounding, Nebula, Stoker, Locus, or any of the other awards out there, I’d appreciate your consideration. For purposes of awards restricted by geography, national […]

  • National Science Fiction Day

    National Science Fiction Day

    It’s National Science Fiction Day, apparently because this is when we think Isaac Asimov was probably born, more or less. I’m not a big fan of policing genre boundaries. That’s partially because it’s an exercise in futility, partially because of the toxicity often motivating such impulses. (Counting FTL and psionics as science fictional, and shuffling […]

  • The obligatory awards post

    The obligatory awards post

    As 2020 slouches toward its end, authors pause their doomscrolling and conscientiously abandon their works in progress for a few moments (note: this is career-related, and therefore absolutely entirely nothing at all like procrastination). They assemble links, quash their self-consciousness, and hurl self-promoting posts into the aether before diving under a blanket. It just so […]

  • Autumn


    I am quite fond of autumn. I like the cooler weather—jeans-and-tee-shirt weather, light jacket weather, cardigan or sweatshirt weather. Today, however, it made it up to 90° (or so close as to make no difference). Following last Friday’s Climate Strike, today’s heat fills me with the impulse to despair and/or (metaphorically) burn something down. The […]