Content Notes

For any readers who wish to modify or modulate their reading based on content, I’m building a list of potentially triggering subject matter in works I publish. This doesn’t take the place of a more robust tagging system—it’s basically just keywords—but at least it’s a centralized FYI.

“5:37” (Translunar Travelers Lounge): Some gore, vague description of deaths accidental and curse-based, references to microaggressions and snuff

“Changeling” (Corvid Queen): Sick baby, loss of a child, abduction, abandonment, adoption

“Kill Switch” (Daily Science Fiction): Eugenics, unethical genetic manipulation, potential mass murder

“Like Gold Upon Her Tongue” (Eighteen): Eating disorders, body image, body dysmorphia, dieting, medical malpractice, bulimia, pica

“Shared Space” (Community of Magic Pens): The story is mild, as is the anthology overall (content notes are included for material in other stories)