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  • “When Mastered, a Graceful Accomplishment”

    “When Mastered, a Graceful Accomplishment”

    Bicycles & Broomsticks, the ninth volume in Elly Blue’s Bikes in Space series, is now out in the world. (You can buy the paperback or ebook direct from the publisher or your favored retailer.) I’m very proud that my historical fantasy “When Mastered, a Graceful Accomplishment” is part of the table of contents. I had…

  • #Bookmail from Microcosm

    #Bookmail from Microcosm

    I received my contributor copies of Bicycles & Broomsticks today. I had fun slicing packing tape but did not make an unboxing video because a) I could not be arsed and b) media mail doesn’t make for terribly exciting viewing (but mostly a). I did snap a few pictures, however. It’s a nice looking book…

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