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  • This anthology is now a toddler

    This anthology is now a toddler

    Three years ago, Atthis Arts published Community of Magic Pens. It is a delightful anthology full of stories about, well, magic pens (for somewhat flexible definitions of “magic” and “pens”). This sale came only a few months after I’d started submitting stories, after I had managed to reset my brain to writing short and, not…

  • The obligatory awards post

    The obligatory awards post

    As 2020 slouches toward its end, authors pause their doomscrolling and conscientiously abandon their works in progress for a few moments (note: this is career-related, and therefore absolutely entirely nothing at all like procrastination). They assemble links, quash their self-consciousness, and hurl self-promoting posts into the aether before diving under a blanket. It just so…

  • Glitter and Hope StoryBundle

    Glitter and Hope StoryBundle

    The Glitter and Hope Bundle, curated by Cat Rambo, is available from StoryBundle. It’s a pay-what-you-want/can model, starting at $5, and you’ll receive DRM-free ebooks. I originally conceived of it as a hopepunk centered bundle, but as I sorted through possibilities, I found less punk than plenty of hopeful stories that reminded me that hope…

  • “Shared Space”: Community of Magic Pens

    “Shared Space”: Community of Magic Pens

    Today is the official publication date of Community of Magic Pens. You can find the anthology at various retailers—Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo, etc.—or buy direct from the publisher, Atthis Arts. This project has been a delight. I was charmed when I saw the Kickstarter. A lot of the stories kicking around in my head have trended…

  • r/Fantasy’s Virtual Con

    r/Fantasy’s Virtual Con

    Reddit’s r/Fantasy is hosting Virtual Con events, and despite having given the site many side-eyes in the past I’m going to pop in on Thursday, March 26. Atthis Arts will be doing an AMA, and I’ll be there in my capacity as a contributor to Community of Magic Pens and out of curiosity to hear…

  • Cover and TOC: Community of Magic Pens

    Cover and TOC: Community of Magic Pens

    It’s time for updates on Community of Magic Pens, edited by E.D.E. Bell, coming in May from Atthis Arts (and available for preorder now). The cover art was revealed, in a low-key fashion, on Twitter. It’s by Journey, a young Detroit-based artist. (She also produced artwork for the Kickstarter campaign.) It’s happy and charming and…

  • Community of Magic Pens

    Community of Magic Pens

    I’m very pleased to announce that my short story “Shared Space” will appear in Community of Magic Pens. I think the anthology’s going to be a lot of fun (I backed it on Kickstarter before submissions opened). It’s available for preorder now, with publication expected in May.

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