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  • #Bookmail from The Dread Machine

    #Bookmail from The Dread Machine

    My contributor copies of Darkness Blooms arrived last week. They look pretty darn great. I love ebooks and have been reading more in that format than I used to, which I attribute in part to failures of my body. (I find myself cranking font size to compensate for myopia. And there are times when I…

  • “Stages of Pre-Bereavement”

    “Stages of Pre-Bereavement”

    It’s May Day and that means Darkness Blooms is available! (You can find it at The Dread Machine, plus the usual print and ebook retailers.) The anthology is edited by Alin Walker and Monica Louzon and includes a bunch of impressive stories. My own “Stages of Pre-Bereavement” kicks things off. I’m very pleased to see…

  • Darkness Blooms

    Darkness Blooms

    Darkness Blooms is now available for preorder! The anthology includes my story “Stages of Pre-Bereavement,” which I’m particularly excited about and will say more about later. But for now, check out the book trailer: The book’s available as an ebook, paperback or hardcover. If you order direct from The Dread Machine, they’ll also throw in…

  • A nice evening perusing a manuscript

    A nice evening perusing a manuscript

    I have had a generally lousy day, at the end of an increasingly lousy week. But I ended up finding a bit of a bright spot doing a bit of copyediting. The anthology Darkness Blooms is in the final stages of production. (It was originally slated for last fall, then delayed due to a number…

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