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  • Preorder Bullet Points 3

    Preorder Bullet Points 3

    Are you in the mood for some military SF on your bookshelf or e-reader? The third Bullet Points anthology, collecting stories published online in 2023, drops in December…but right now you can preorder direct from the publisher. (Well, unless you want a print copy shipped outside of the U.S. In that case, you’ll need to…

  • Darkness Blooms

    Darkness Blooms

    Darkness Blooms is now available for preorder! The anthology includes my story “Stages of Pre-Bereavement,” which I’m particularly excited about and will say more about later. But for now, check out the book trailer: The book’s available as an ebook, paperback or hardcover. If you order direct from The Dread Machine, they’ll also throw in…

  • Cover and TOC: Community of Magic Pens

    Cover and TOC: Community of Magic Pens

    It’s time for updates on Community of Magic Pens, edited by E.D.E. Bell, coming in May from Atthis Arts (and available for preorder now). The cover art was revealed, in a low-key fashion, on Twitter. It’s by Journey, a young Detroit-based artist. (She also produced artwork for the Kickstarter campaign.) It’s happy and charming and…

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